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Op-Ed: A Tax By Any Other Name is Still a Tax

April 12, 2019 by Gian-Carl Casa Tucked into a large bill concerning local revenues is a proposal that would allow municipalities to assess a tax – this time called a “municipal public safety and infrastructure benefit charge” – on nonprofits of all types. Section 6 of HB 7408 specifies a formula for determining the tax,… Read more »

Face the Facts with Max Reiss: Nonprofits hurt by federal tax changes

April 14, 2019 Watch Alliance member Kristie Scott, President & CEO of Perception Programs and Gian-Carl Casa on “Face the Facts” with NBC Connecticut’s Max Reiss, talking about the challenges created by federal tax changes. The segment begins about eight minutes into this video:

CTNewsJunkie: Municipalities, Nonprofits Square Off Over Tax Bill

April 11, 2019 HARTFORD, CT — The leader of Connecticut’s largest municipal lobby blamed the state for making it necessary to propose legislation that would allow municipalities to tax nonprofits. “It is state policy that has pitted local governments versus nonprofits,” Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, executive director and CEO Joe DeLong told the Finance, Revenue,… Read more »

Alliance Op-Ed: Connecticut must support community nonprofits

By Gian-Carl Casa March 7, 2019 Connecticut’s community nonprofits are important contributors to our quality of life and the state needs to support them with adequate funding. Community nonprofits do many things for people who live and work in our state, things like providing substance-abuse treatment, caring for troubled kids, helping people with disabilities, heating… Read more »

CT Mirror: Lamont’s ‘Debt Diet’ Hits an Already Lean Nonprofit Safety Net

By Keith M. Phaneuf, March 4, 2018 Connecticut’s private, nonprofit social services community has been struggling since the early 2000s with minimal growth in state funding for the vast array of programs it provides. And under Gov. Ned Lamont’s proposed “debt diet,” the industry – which serves an estimated 500,000 clients statewide – would… Read more »

Alliance Op-Ed: Lamont dances towards a new approach to governing

By Gian-Carl Casa, President & CEO, CT Community Nonprofit Alliance On the night he was sworn into office this month, Connecticut’s 89th governor Ned Lamont danced happily — to the delight of attendees at his inaugural ball and everyone who’s seen the video since then. The Governor’s enthusiastic embrace of his new role as Connecticut’s chief executive… Read more »

The Day: Human services provides an opportunity for structural change

Human services provides an opportunity for structural change By Paul Choiniere, Day Editorial Page Editor December 30, 2018 For years a debate has taken place as to how the state can best and most economically assist the developmentally disabled — people dealing with mental illness, those struggling to overcome the disease of addiction, the vulnerable… Read more »