2017 Annual Nonprofit Conference Breakout Sessions

Conference Breakout Sessions

Whether you’re looking to enhance your fundraising skills, boost your productivity, or energize your board, our breakout sessions cover a variety of topics for every stage in your career and will provide you with everything you need to be more effective and efficient. You can view all of the options based on topic in the chart below and learn more about the workshops and presenters by clicking the titles below.

Concurrent Morning Sessions
10:20am - 11:35am

A | From Collaboration to Consolidation and Beyond: How to Achieve Your Mission in Light of New Fiscal Realities Voices from the Field
Anne Yurasek, Principal, FIO Partners
This session will explore how opportunities provided by partnerships, affiliations, acquisitions or mergers, as a way of rethinking how nonprofits can achieve their missions, in the context of emerging trends and new fiscal realities. Critical considerations for decision-making will be discussed.
Anne Yurasek will share her perspective as an organizational development consultant who has supported many organizations through their inflection points – whether due to consolidation or growth. Following an in-depth overview of the many options and solutions that are a natural progression in today’s climate, Anne will welcome panelists who represent both the struggles and success that creative reorganization may provide.

B | Inclusive Leadership: Managing Our Unconscious Bias
Kenya Rutland, Principal, KJR Consulting
Collaboration, getting people to share information and co-create solutions, is critical to business and personal success. However, it is not always achievable. Our personal biases, many that we may not be aware of, impact how we form first impressions, decide who to work with, listen to the ideas of others, determine who we provide opportunities to, and more. Left outside of our awareness, these unconscious biases can negatively impact our ability to collaborate and cause us to make unfair judgments about people who differ from us.

During this session, you will learn how the lazy brain naturally creates shortcuts and gain an understanding of how they are used to inform judgments and decisions. You will also learn to identify your own unconscious bias and explore how to foster inclusion, collaboration, and how to have an impact in your nonprofit workplace.

C | Discovering Your Role in Creating a Fantastic Workplace
David O'Brien, Principal, WorkChoice Solutions LLC
Today’s do-more-with-less workplace climate has produced an unprecedented need for employee engagement and accountability. Add to this increased competition and expectations. It has also produced an unparalleled opportunity for all employees to expand their influence and impact. Included in this high impact, in-depth presentation, is a review of the three most common barriers to a fantastic workplace, as well as the behavioral choices that either foster or inhibit workplace success and job satisfaction. Additionally, the session provides a meaningful framework for developing a team action plan that supports organizational success. Participants can expect to acquire new tools that can be applied immediately to increase job satisfaction while helping to build a fantastic workplace for colleagues and customers.

Concurrent Afternoon Sessions
2:15pm – 3:30pm

1 | ‘YES, YOU CAN!’ – How to Live Your Greatest Dreams and Get What You Want Out of Life
Steve Sobel, Humorist and Motivational Speaker
‘YES, YOU CAN!’ will be an uplifting and motivating presentation, as Steve provides the inspiration and solid direction to go beyond your expectations of your own capabilities. This presentation will impact the work and personal lives of all participants. Steve works to bring you far beyond the limits, beliefs and fears that are holding you back – in your work, and in life! Learn to deal with change and adversity. Learn why fear means “false evidence appearing real!”

2 | The Power of Influence: How to influence stakeholders when you have no “power title”
Karen Hinds, CEO, Workplace Success Group
It is increasingly vital for employees to be able to work in teams across functions and departments to meet organizational goals. Some people seem to have mastered the art of winning support for their ideas and projects even with no authority or powerful titles. They have mastered the ability to connect, communicate and get results, and it’s a skill that can be developed. This workshop will strengthen your capacity to influence and persuade others.
Participant Outcomes
• Raise your level of self-awareness
• Build more productive relationships
• Get results, especially when working in teams
• Win people over to your way of thinking
• Make it seem effortless for people to like you and work with you
• Recognize when influence becomes manipulation

3 | Fundraising Fundamentals and Effectiveness
Sharon Danosky, Founder and President, Danosky & Associates, LLC
There are critical factors that must be present to build a successful, sustainable fundraising plan and the effectiveness of a fundraising program is contingent upon those factors. This presentation will explore those fundamentals and how to assess fundraising effectiveness.

Participant Outcomes:
• Understanding core fundraising concepts
• Evaluating your fundraising program through a new lense
• Ability to apply the concepts to their fundraising program
• How to Measure Fundraising Effectiveness

The average nonprofit organization, regardless of size, loses an estimated 50-60% of its donors every year. If the nonprofit were a business, it would be out of business. The primary reason is that most development offices are focused on a series of tactics, rather than strategies that build sustainable, renewable donor support. This session will focus on fundamental strategies that need to be in place for every fundraising program to build long-term sustainable support for both operations and special projects.

4 | No Stress Success: Doing More with Less through Performance Management
Jayhon Ghassem-Zadeh, Owner and Operator, JRG Consulting
All nonprofits face the same quandary: Plenty of work and not enough resources. In order to succeed, nonprofit leaders need to carefully choose where to invest their resources in a way that minimizes inefficiencies and maximizes growth. While maintaining financial health, organizations also need to ensure that their deliverables are germane to its mission and adequately serve their constituency.

But where do I start?! Is there a tool to help me do this? Absolutely! “No Stress Success: Doing More with Less Through Performance Management”, presented by JRG Consulting LLC, will explore ways in which a Performance Management Platform can enable your organization to identify, evaluate, and improve workflows. Together we will see how utilizing performance data can help aid decision making to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.