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Statement on news that the Office of Policy and Management is considering emergency budget cuts

Statement from Gian-Carl Casa, President & CEO of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, on news that the Office of Policy and Management is considering emergency budget cuts: “We appreciate that the Governor is managing the state budget prudently, with an eye on the future. But we are greatly concerned that with a de facto $300 million… Read more »


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CT Mirror: Nonprofits ‘greatly concerned’ about prospect of emergency budget cuts

Connecticut’s largest coalition of nonprofit agencies urged Gov. Ned Lamont’s administration to avoid cutting community-based social services as it seeks to close a small hole in state finances. The CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, which has been pressing Lamont to pump more resources into the hundreds of agencies that deliver the bulk of state-sponsored social services,… Read more »


CT Mirror: Lamont eyes emergency budget cuts, even as reserves swell

While mustering legislators’ support for tolls and a long-term transportation plan remains his top priority, Gov. Ned Lamont has also recently raised the specter of emergency budget cuts — something his predecessor did frequently to the consternation of the General Assembly. But while Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s cuts came amidst significant budget shortfalls, Lamont is… Read more »


Where We Live: Connecticut Nonprofits Say An Accurate Count Is Crucial In 2020 Census

It’s officially 2020, which means you may see a census taker knocking on your door this Spring. The decennial census also will be online. This hour, we talk with NPR’s Hansi Lo Wang about efforts to count everyone who lives in the United States, and why it matters. Listen to the episode here.


Hartford Courant: We are falling far short in caring for the most vulnerable. Here’s one example.

by Susan Campbell Andrew John Puglisi’s group home is off a side street in Newington, just five minutes from where he grew up. On a recent day, as holiday decorations were going up around town, a radio played quietly in another room. Puglisi was sitting at a table, moving small, colorful blocks around. He stacks…. Read more »


CT Mirror Op-Ed: Hospital agreement is a road map for funding community nonprofits

By Gian-Carl Casa The state’s settlement providing $872 million to Connecticut’s hospitals over seven years negotiated by the governor and approved by the General Assembly last month at long last moves policymakers past a thorny fiscal issue that has taken up significant airspace in the state capitol for the last few years. The agreement also… Read more »