Nonprofit Resources

There’s no shortage of information in the digital age. The Alliance takes care to provide the nonprofit community with screened, up-to-date sources on effective management and practices so you can find the right resources when you need them.

These resources are continually evolving, so if you have any information you would like to share with the nonprofit community, please e-mail a brief description and link or PDF to Ben Shaiken.

Starting a Nonprofit

Where do you begin? The Alliance wants to help you effectively navigate the waters of starting a nonprofit. We have compiled resources below that offer guidance, how-tos, and strategies.

If you are considering starting a nonprofit, we highly recommend you begin with our Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Connecticut.


Job Board

Take advantage of the largest nonprofit Job Board in Connecticut. In addition to a list of featured jobs below, additional resources are available in the Job Board, assisting employers and HR departments in their search for the best candidates and offering job seekers guidance in their job search.


Nonprofits rely on fundraising as a means to sustain programs for the people they serve.

We’ve assembled helpful resources for you that will aid in bolstering your development program, whether you’re just beginning or trying to expand your existing approach.



Financial practices in the nonprofit world are very different than those in the for-profit world, so we created a page dedicated solely to helping nonprofits learn about many aspects of finance.

This section is full of tools and guides to help you manage your nonprofit’s finances.


Human Resources

This section is devoted to helping human resources professionals maintain the operations of their organization.

We’ve compiled resources and tools to aid you in all aspects of HR – whether it be modifying your employee handbook or helping you comply with the latest laws.

Local Resources
KardasLarson, LLC
The Human Resource Consortium, LLC
Human Resources Consulting Group

Reference Materials / Information
Bureau of Labor Statistics
U.S. Department of Labor
Connecticut Department of Labor
National Center for Charitable Statistics
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
National Labor Relations Board
American Disabilities Act
Social Security Administration
Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Helpful Tools

Benchmark against Leading Practice: Human Resources Checklist
The Human Resources Best Practices Checklist is a self-assessment instrument that helps nonprofit organizations identify capacity strengths and challenges and establish capacity building goals in the area of human resources. Results from the checklist can be used to guide the development of an annual work plan and contribute to the establishment of long-term vision.

Document Retention and Destruction Policy (Sample)
Sample document retention and destruction policy for adoption by your board of directors. All corporations are required to have a practice. Adopting a policy ensures that you are in compliance with Sarbannes-Oxley Act.

Employee Development
Employee Performance Evaluation Process for Jewish Family Service

Confidentiality Agreement
Template Confidentiality Agreement for volunteers and/or staff.



Volunteers are a great way to get free support for your organization, whether you need help for a special event or project, or administrative assistance.

Use this section as a resource to help you find and manage volunteers to fulfill your organization’s needs and better serve your community.



Do you have what it takes to be a leader in the nonprofit community?

This section is dedicated to resources that may help shape and give insight into emerging leaders. Use these resources to find leadership opportunities and to learn how you can become a leader in your nonprofit.