The Alliance monitors and tracks hundreds of proposals throughout the legislative session. We provide testimony on priority legislation as well as the information, analysis and resources for members to do the same. We will work with members to help their staff, clients or Board members testify at public hearings.

Please see below for a list of bills The Alliance has testified on this session linked to a copy of our testimony:

Appropriations Committee:
H.B. 7148 An Act Concerning the State Budget for the Biennium Ending June Thirtieth, 2021, and Making Appropriations Therefor (Governor’s Budget):
Conservation & Development Subcommittee (DECD, DOH, DOL)
Elementary & Secondary Education Subcommittee (SDE, OEC)
Health Subcommittee (DDS, DMHAS, DPH)
Human Services Subcommittee (DCF, DSS, DORS)
Judicial & Corrections Subcommittee (Judicial Branch/CSSD, DOC, BPP)

Committee on Children:
S.B. 892 An Act Concerning the Safety and Well-Being of Youths Placed in Out-Of-Home Settings Licensed, Administered and Investigated by the Department of Children and Families

Commerce Committee:
H.B. 6360 An Act Establishing an Annual Tourism Incentive Grant
H.B. 7306 An Act Concerning Recommendations from the Speaker of the House of Representative’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Tourism
H.B. 7307 An Act Requiring a Study on Tourism by the General Assembly
S.B. 1024 An Act Requiring a Study Concerning Tourism

Education Committee:
S.B. 933 An Act Expanding Eligibility for Certain Families in the Care4kids Program
S.B. 934 An Act Expanding Eligibility in the Care4kids Program to Parents Enrolled in Other Types of School

Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee:
H.B. 5192 An Act Establishing a Pilot Program Allowing a Tax Credit for Hospitals that Make Beds Available for Opioid Addiction Treatment Services
H.B. 5407 An Act Establishing a Tax Credit for Employers that Provide Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefits and Concerning a Family and Medical Leave Accounts Program
H.B. 6274 An Act Increasing the Neighborhood Assistance Act Annual Tax Credit Cap
H.B. 7408 An Act Concerning Municipal Revenue and Stormwater Authority, Studies of the PILOT Grants Program and a Property Tax Exemption for Machinery and Equipment, and Enterprise Zones
S.B. 124 An Act Establishing a Tax Deduction for Contributions to a Citizens in Need Account
S.B. 876 An Act Authorizing and Adjusting Bonds of the State for Capital Improvements, Transportation and Other Purposes
S.B. 877 An Act Concerning Revenue Items to Implement the Governor’s Budget
S.B. 1137 An Act Concerning Deposits in Lieu of Taxes
S.B. 1138 An Act Concerning Community Restoration Funds

Government Administration & Elections Committee:
H.B. 6667 An Act Concerning Access to State Agency Data Held by State Contractors
H.B. 7213 An Act Concerning Electoral Privileges of Certain Parolees and Challengers in Polling Places and S.B. 53 An Act Concerning Electoral Privileges for Incarcerated Individuals
H.J. 161 A Resolution Proposing an Amendment to the State Constitution to Allow for Early Voting and No-Excuse Absentee Voting
S.B. 25 An Act Restoring Electoral Privileges to Felony Convicts Who Are on Parole
S.B. 917 An Act Concerning the State Contracting Standards Board and Requirements for Privatization Contracts

Human Services Committee:
H.B. 7090 An Act Concerning Inequitable Methadone Maintenance Rates Under the Medicaid Program
H.B. 7093 An Act Establishing a Task Force to Increase Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities
H.B. 7094 An Act Concerning Temporary Family Assistance
H.B. 7123 An Act Concerning Telephone Wait Times for Persons Contacting the Department of Social Services
H.B. 7166 An Act Concerning Nonemergency Medical Transportation for Medicaid Beneficiaries
H.B. 7339 An Act Concerning a Public Insurance Option
S.B. 945 An Act Concerning the Innovation Incentive Program for Nonprofit Providers of Human Services
S.B. 1052 An Act Expanding Medicaid Coverage of Telehealth Services
S.B. 1053 An Act Expanding Medicaid and Husky B Coverage for Children

Insurance & Real Estate Committee:
H.B. 5518 An Act Requiring Health Insurance Coverage for Long-Term Substance Use Disorder Services
H.B. 6087 An Act Restricting the Use of Prior Claims Histories Concerning Naloxone Hydrochloride
H.B. 6095 An Act Modifying Required Health Insurance Coverage for Detoxification
H.B. 7125 An Act Concerning Parity for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits, Nonquantitative Treatment Limitations, Drugs Prescribed for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders, and Substance Abuse Services
S.B. 28 An Act Concerning Reimbursements Under Certain High Deductible Health Plans

Labor & Public Employees Committee:
H.B. 5003 An Act Implementing Paid Family Medical Leave
H.B. 5004 Minimum Wage Increase
H.B. 6739 An Act Prohibiting Employers from Paying Disabled Employees less than Minimum Wage
H.B. 7191 An Act Increasing the Minimum Fair Wage
S.B. 1 An Act Concerning Paid Family and Medical Leave
S.B. 2 An Act Increasing the Minimum Fair Wage
S.B. 881 An Act Establishing a Paid Family and Medical Leave Program

Planning & Development Committee:
H.B. 6352 An Act Concerning the Zoning of Community Residences and Childcare Residential Facilities
H.B. 6563 An Act Establishing a Grant Program to Assist Municipalities in Census Outreach Programs
H.B. 6939 An Act Concerning the Establishment of Municipal Cultural Districts
S.B. 548 An Act Concerning Community Empowerment and the Neighborhood Assistance Act
S.B. 928 An Act Concerning the Recovery of Attorney’s Fees in Actions for Wrongful Property Tax Assessment

Public Health Committee:
H.B. 5145 An Act Concerning a Study of Regional Behavioral Health Action Organizations
H.B. 6527 An Act Requiring Additional Oversight Over Group Homes by the Department of Developmental Services
S.B. 393 An Act Concerning the Department of Developmental Services’ Level of Need Assessment
S.B. 1035 An Act Authorizing Deemed Status License Renewals for Certain Nonprofit Community Service Providers

Transportation Committee:
H.B. 6162 An Act Concerning the Fleet Registration of Motor Vehicles Owned by Nonprofit Organizations and Businesses