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Suicide Assessment and Intervention

Suicide Assessment and Intervention Training for Mental Health Professionals This full-day training is designed to increase knowledge and improve the skills and confidence of clinicians and others who find themselves identifying high-risk youth and adults, and planning for their care. Participants will learn the scope of the problem, review current information on suicide risk factors,… Read more »

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training in the Workplace Designed to meet the requirements of P.A. 91-85, this is an interactive, dynamic workshop where participants develop skills to respond appropriately when faced with a sexual harassment complaint. Attendees will leave this seminar with tools necessary to eliminate confusion and help them be proactive in their supervisory roles…. Read more »

Treating Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders

Treating Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders With the advent of ongoing research into the area of trauma and is treatment, there are many updates and changes that impact the way the provider will view diagnoses and treatment. In this training, the focus will be upon the diagnoses of Trauma and the Stress-Related Disorders. The information will… Read more »

Strategic Governance

Strategic Governance: The Path to Effective Nonprofit Board and Executive Director Partnerships When a nonprofit leadership team adopts a strategic approach to governance, mission is advanced, challenges overcome, and board members and staff are energized and empowered. Strategic governance is a process. It is active at every board meeting. It extends beyond the strategic retreat…. Read more »

Grant Proposal Certificate Program

The Grant Proposal Certificate Program is a two-day workshop that helps participants identify potential grantmakers, learn the elements of writing successful grant proposals, prepare a draft of their proposal including a logic model, and become a grant reviewer. These workshops are ideal for both the novice and intermediate grantseeker. Within a short period of time,… Read more »

Learning the Ropes Training

Learning the Ropes for Successful Growth What if you could take your non-profit to the next level? What would it mean if you could position and grow your organization to make an even bigger impact in the world? Imagine having everyone on your team engaged, aligned and energized to do what it takes to get… Read more »

Effective Communication Training

Effective Communication with Prospects and Donors: You Can Do It! Fundraising is all about relationships, and relationships are based on productive communication. Nonprofits today engage in all kinds of communication activities in a variety of print and online formats. Yet most of their end products fail to produce the desired results with funders and prospects…. Read more »

Building a Culture of Accountability

At every level of every organization, projects begin, tasks are assigned, efforts are made and deadlines are met – or missed. Directions are given but not always understood. Deliverables are promised but not always delivered and agreements are made but not always followed. It’s not really any one person’s fault, it’s just part of how… Read more »

Appreciating Generational Differences

With very few exceptions, the topic of generational differences in today’s workplace is on the minds of leaders and teams in nearly every sector. While having as many as four generations working together toward a common goal has its challenges, it also represents an unparalleled opportunity for organizations that can harness this diversity to increase… Read more »

Business Writing

Business writing is different from creating poetry or writing a novel; it must issue a “call to action.” Regardless of what types of documents you routinely produce in your job, you can increase your writing power and become a more effective communicator. Participants will learn how to sharpen their writing skills and produce documents that… Read more »