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Leader as Coach

The Leader as Coach Today, more than ever before, leaders at all levels are called upon to continuously develop their team’s capacity to succeed. A key differentiator between high performing teams and others is the leader’s ability to effectively address the coaching and development needs of all employees. In this action oriented and hands-on workshop,… Read more »

Public Speaking and Multimedia Presentations for Nonprofits

Public Speaking and Multimedia Presentations for Nonprofits Effectively deliver a speech for any stakeholder audience – bosses, employees, managers, customer or vendors. Learn the fundamental tools to speak clearly and persuasively in order to impresses your audience, and help you reach your target goals – with or without technological aides Program Fees: The Early Bird… Read more »

Mindful Practice in the Treatment of Members of the LGBTQI Community

Mindful Practice in the Treatment of Members of the LGBTQI Community This training will focus upon the many unique issues facing members of the LGBTQI community and the impact of those issues upon the treatment process. It is imperative for the practitioner to understand the diversity within the community as well as within each individual… Read more »

Addressing Gender Specific Issues Continuing Ed Training

Addressing Gender Specific Issues in the Treatment Process This course will review the etiology and symptoms of both Women’s and Men’s Gender Specific issues and their impact upon the client’s thinking, emotions, and behaviors. Issues such as societal pressures, clinical prevalence of specific mental health disorders and substance use, and the issues of gender specific… Read more »

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Successful Problem Solving

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Successful Problem Solving 85% of job success derives from well‐developed people skills. The key to effective problem solving is in effectively using emotions during the process. This workshop will provide an overview of the emotional intelligence skills needed to effectively address problem solving and performance management issues. Participants will develop greater… Read more »

Vicarious Trauma Training – 5 CECs

Vicarious Trauma Managing the Fire Without Getting Burned by the Flames This course reviews the impact of vicarious trauma, contertransferance, and compassion fatigue on the burnout process. The training content will assist the participant in identifying the signs and symptoms of each, as well as the difference in impact between direct trauma and vicarious trauma… Read more »

Relationship Management and Communications Training

Relationship Management and Communications Needs: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence and Communication Styles for Positive and Productive Outcomes Success in our work environment depends both on our ability to accomplish tasks and to manage relationships with our peers, direct reports and supervisors. Stress is inherent in relationship management because of multiple and often conflicting perspectives. However, we… Read more »

Case Management for Clients with Trauma…

Case Management for Clients with Trauma and Stress-Related Symptoms Case management training is ideal for practitioners, clinicians, case managers, and case workers who work with individuals who need mental health services. The ideal learner is one who is pursuing a deeper level of knowledge, renewing their license, and most importantly, wants to acquire the latest… Read more »

Proposal Writing A – Z

Proposal Writing A to Z: Maximize Your Chances with Foundations Frequently, nonprofits will identify the need for additional funding and determines that applying for a grant is the solution. The crucial question is if your nonprofit is ready to submit a grant application to a foundation and/or corporation that will yield funding? Proposal Writing A… Read more »