The Alliance Allies Vendor Program

The Alliance Allies is a vendor program of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance that connects our nonprofit members to vendors who have experience and expertise working with nonprofits. Join us by becoming an Alliance Ally and be included in a community of businesses and service providers who want to serve nonprofits.

Connecticut’s nonprofits serve over 500,000 people each year, employ 14% of the state’s workforce and have a combined revenue of $2.4 billion. By offering special “member-only” discounts and services, The Alliance Allies vendor program provides cost savings to members while driving business and dollars to your company.

For Nonprofits: The Alliance Ally vendor program connects our nonprofit members with businesses with experience and expertise serving nonprofits; who understand the unique challenges and needs nonprofits face. Get the services and products you need to be effective while creating new efficiencies and saving your organization money.