Robin Woodbury

Robin Woodbury

Member Services Database Manager

Robin has enjoyed a diverse career in supporting nonprofits’ information technology needs. He provides technical support and technology training for Alliance Staff, Nonprofit Center Tenants and Alliance Members in the optimized use of the Alliance’s Nonprofit Center multimedia meeting and conference facilities.

Robin is responsible for growing and maintaining the Alliance’s membership database, supporting the Alliance’s information systems, and troubleshooting and resolving problems with the Alliance’s internet and phone infrastructure.

As a person with a visual impairment, Robin has a particular interest and expertise in adaptive/accommodative technologies that enable persons with disabilities to surmount barriers to information access and fully leverage the power of technology to pursue successful careers and endeavors.

Robin is an amateur musician in several instruments, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy bicycling enthusiast, GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional, soundscape designer, accomplished voice-writer and voice-over talent.

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