Strategic Commitments

Build the capacity of our members to be vibrant and financially sustainable, and achieve excellence.
Advocate to ensure that the vital role of nonprofits (our members) is valued and fully supported by public policy and adequate funding.
Be a primary resource
for our members and other stakeholders.


Stronger Together

The Alliance lends a powerful, collective voice to nonprofits throughout Connecticut, enhancing their capacity to build economically stable, healthy, and culturally rich communities.


A Powerful Voice

The Alliance represents hundreds of nonprofit organizations across all categories, from Health and Human Service programs to Arts and Culture. We share the passion and purpose behind each and every one of our member’s mission and channel that purpose into a powerful, unified voice.

We lead from a position of strength, representing organizations while presenting a united front before the Connecticut Legislature, state agencies, other advocacy organizations, the public and the media. As a collective voice we develop strategies and public policies that make it possible for nonprofits to thrive..

Together we are much more powerful and influential than we can be as individual agencies.


Vision & Inspiration

Nonprofits are recognized, valued, and essential contributors to thriving communities.



There’s a powerful new voice for nonprofits in the State of Connecticut: CT Community Nonprofit Alliance (The Alliance). The Alliance is the result of a merger between two well-established statewide nonprofit associations: the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits and the Connecticut Community Providers Association. The formation of the new organization has created exciting opportunities and expanded resources for community nonprofits across the state.

Proud State Association of:


Our Staff

Gian-Carl Casa
President and CEO

Paul Giguere
Vice President of Administration and Finance

Jeff Shaw, MA, MPH
Senior Director of Advocacy & Public Policy

Nicole Bisson
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Natalie De La Rosa
Customer Service/Administrative Specialist

Deb Elliott
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Brunilda Ferraj, MSW
Director of Policy Research & Organizational Initiatives

Joshua Lipshitz, MBA
Director of Business Development

Donna Lorenzo
Contract Specialist, Preferred Purchasing Program

Mick Reyes
Accounts Payable Specialist

Ben Shaiken
Manager of Advocacy & Public Policy

Dorena Wasik, MBA
Director of Finance

Julia Wilcox
Manager of Advocacy & Public Policy

Sherri Woolley
Administrative Specialist