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The Alliance is a strong, persistent and unified voice for community nonprofits in Connecticut. Together we enact change and garner influence through our unrelenting advocacy and lobbying efforts. The Alliance speaks forcefully as a group, providing members with the benefit of having a consistent presence at the state level.


Contacting your legislators builds relationships and increases the likelihood of success. Our Contact Your Legislator tools make it easy for you to email policy-makers with important information about The Alliance’s legislative priorities.

Legislative Advocacy

The Alliance is an extension of individual nonprofits, channeling their energy and mission as our experienced team of five registered lobbyists advocate to protect critical funding sources and to advance new policy initiatives. We stand as a reliable, invaluable resource of information to the Connecticut General Assembly, government agencies and the public, building important relationships that are vital to asserting influence when it matters most.

We have the expertise and respected standing that allows policymakers to turn to us time and again as a trusted partner representing the nonprofit sector.

Shaping Policy & Public Opinion

From policy reports that examine the role and relationship of nonprofits with State government to budget analysis and white papers covering specific issues affecting the nonprofit sector—we equip members with the tools and information necessary to advocate and strengthen services for the communities that count on them.

The Alliance tracks and analyzes hundreds of bills throughout each legislative session. We provide public testimony on bills of importance to nonprofits. 

The Alliance | Stronger Together

Our membership is more than 300 nonprofits strong and growing. Together, nonprofits deliver essential services to more than half a million people each year and employ almost 14% of Connecticut’s workforce.

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A Voice in Washington, D.C.

The mission of The Alliance extends beyond state boundaries and onto the national stage. As a member of the National Council for Behavioral Health, ANCOR and the National Council of Nonprofits, we track and advocate for national policies that have an impact on local concerns.


Through divisions and forums, we develop and advance the innovative policies that enable our members in specific nonprofit sectors to thrive and innovate.

The Alliance has five Divisions that meet regularly with designated public policy staff to collectively promote and protect their programs and services. Members who participate in Divisions meet monthly, receive regular updates and analysis on important policy, and gain strategic guidance focused on their needs. The Divisions provide a network and community for our members to share information, discuss common issues, and problem solve.

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Reports & Publications

From policy reports that examine the role and relationship of nonprofits with state government to white papers covering specific issues affecting a particular sector—we equip members with the information and knowledge to strengthen the communities that count on them.