Contact Your Legislator

Contacting your local legislators, committee leaders and legislative leadership is an important way to build relationships and gain attention to an issue. This tool allows you to look-up a local legislator by zip code, add your contact information to a pre-loaded message and send that information to each legislator selected. During the legislative session, you will often find these pre-loaded messages in support or oppose to pending legislation. Use this tool to stay in contact with your local legislators before, during and after the legislative session.

Tell Your Legislator: Protect Community Programs from Proposed Cuts

Use this email to send a message to the state legislators who represent you where you live.

Save Medicaid!

Tell your Congresspeople Save Medicaid!

We need your help to prevent changes to the Medicaid program. Feel free to tailor the message to explain how the proposed cuts will impact you and your community via your social media networks.

Locate Your Legislator

Search by street address or zip code to find your local and federal representatives.