The Alliance has two types of membership – Nonprofit and Associate. Nonprofit membership is limited to 501(c)3 organizations. Associate membership is open to other businesses and consultants who work with nonprofits in Connecticut.

Nonprofit membership in The Alliance offers exclusive access to many benefits that help 501(c)3’s achieve their mission and save time and money. Any 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered in Connecticut is eligible for membership. Dues are determined by the annual operating budget of the organization.

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The Alliance:

The Voice of Community Nonprofits

The Alliance is the largest nonprofit association in Connecticut, representing over 500 members across all categories, from health and human services to arts and culture. We share the passion and purpose behind each and every one of our members’ mission and channel that purpose to project a powerful, unified voice.
We are the first place nonprofits turn to in Connecticut when they are faced with the challenges of running their organizations. The Alliance empowers nonprofits by forging connections with programs and resources designed to help groups act as productive forces, including those in the chart below.
CT Community Nonprofit Alliance Member Benefits Core Membership Focused Advocacy
Access to our Career Center and Job Board; discounts available for job postings. X X
Use of our conference rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology. X X
Discounts on education and training opportunities. X X
Membership with leading national associations. X X
Discounted membership with the Society of Nonprofit Organizations. X X
Access to leading industry publications, events, and conferences. X X
Discounted admission to annual conferences and annual meetings. X X
Discounts for electronic learning opportunities. X X
Registration to the NonprofitVOICE and other e-communications. X X
Inclusion of accomplishments in monthly e-news. X X
Online community calendar highlighting member events. X X
Networking opportunities with nonprofit organizations in CT and beyond. X X
Fundraising opportunities through corporate partnerships. X X
Participation in and information from industry surveys. X X
Participation in roundtables and forums for information sharing and networking. X X
Cost savings opportunities through our Endorsed Vendor Program. X X
Access to an experienced Public Policy team that advocates on behalf of nonprofit members at the State and local levels. X
Strategic guidance from The Alliance. X
Participation in monthly service-specific Division meetings and Forums. X
Education and training opportunities focused on nonprofit advocacy. X
Timely alerts and analysis on funding and policy updates in state government. X

To learn more about the benefits of being a member of The Alliance or to sign up for a trial membership, contact Josh Lipshitz, Director of Membership & Business Development, at or 860-525-5080 ext. 1014

Why Join?

A Powerful Voice.

The Alliance represents more than 500 nonprofit organizations across all categories, from Health and Human Service programs to Arts and Culture. We share the passion and purpose behind each and every one of our member’s mission and channel that purpose into a powerful, unified voice.We lead from a position of strength, representing organizations while presenting a united front before the Connecticut Legislature, state agencies, other advocacy organizations, the public and the media. As a collective voice we develop strategies and public policies that make it possible for nonprofits to thrive.

Together we are much more powerful and influential than we can be as individual agencies.

Endorsed Vendors

There’s Strength — and Savings — in Numbers.

As the nonprofit funding landscape continues to evolve, The Alliance works to empower nonprofits small and large to adapt, survive and thrive in our fast-changing world.

The delivery of high quality, effective, and efficient services is a top priority. By taking advantage of the increased buying power that comes with being part of The Alliance, our members realize tremendous savings to their bottom lines while fulfilling their missions.

Our Endorsed Vendors program allows nonprofits to take advantage of substantial cost savings and great customer service through third-party vendors on goods and services that are vital to strengthening infrastructure and internal capabilities, including telecommunications, technology, employee benefits and office supplies.

The vendors we endorse bring an understanding of the unique challenges nonprofits face and work closes with us to accommodate those needs. Build capacity, save money, stress and time — allowing you to focus resources on your mission.

Vendor Services

Energy and Electricity Marketing/PR
Fundraising and Capacity Building Nonprofit Management
HR/Insurance Operations/Infrastructure

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A Partnership and a Resource

We believe that the success of nonprofits depends on their ability to deliver on their missions – an ability that depends in large part on the adherence to a disciplined business model.

We are the first place nonprofits turn to in Connecticut when they are faced with the challenges of running their organizations. The Alliance empowers nonprofits by forging connections with programs and resources designed to help groups act as productive forces, including:

• Public Policy and Advocacy
• Information, Research and Referral Services
• Networking and Leadership Development
• Capacity Building Services

Membership with The Alliance is based on your organization’s budget size for the previous fiscal year. We use Line 12 from your most recent Form 990 to determine your annual dues.

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Associate Membership

The Alliance welcomes the support of our for-profit partners through our Associate Membership program. Associate Membership connects your business to thousands of organizations in the nonprofit community. As an Associate member, you will enjoy discounts on trainings and workshops, the annual conference, communication with our nonprofit members, visibility in our nonprofit magazine nonprofitVOICE, and more.

Associate membership is available to companies and consultants that provide programs and/or services to nonprofit organizations. Associate membership allows you to gain visibility, increase your reach, and connect with thousands of nonprofits across Connecticut. For more information on becoming an Associate Member, contact Josh Lipshitz.