Preferred Purchasing

Through our Preferred Purchasing Program, we create meaningful work opportunities and reliable wages for people with disabilities by developing contracts between state agencies and community providers under the preferred purchasing law.

About the Program

Preferred Purchasing Program: Putting People to Work Since 1977
Over the past 30 years, the Preferred Purchasing Program has employed thousands of individuals with disabilities in Connecticut. In 2016 alone, the program held over one hundred sixty state contracts that employed eight hundred-fifty workers with disabilities who earned nearly $3 million in wages.

The Alliance facilitates the employment of individuals with disabilities by connecting individuals seeking employment with nonprofits who receive government contracts to supply state agencies with needed products and services. Individuals with disabilities are provided with employment, employment training, work hours and wages in a variety of work settings such as janitorial services, dry cleaning, temporary services, commercial laundry, landscaping, and manufacturing, among others.

Become a Qualified Partner

Connecticut Qualified Partnership Pilot Program

The Connecticut Qualified Partnership Program provides for the development of qualified partnerships between private janitorial contractors and community rehabilitation providers through which a private janitorial contractor may be accorded preferred purchasing status for state janitorial contracts under the statute. The overall mission of the qualified partner program is to expand employment for people with disabilities and people with economic disadvantages while providing employment security for workers on State of Connecticut janitorial contacts.
In 2013, the Connecticut Qualified Partnership Pilot Program was made permanent by Public Act 13-227 and in 2014 it was expanded through Public Act 14-188 to other contracts types at the discretion of the Department of Administrative Services Commissioner.If you are interested in participating in the Qualified Partnership Agreement with The Alliance, you must download the Agreement and amend the document with your Company and Contractor information.


Services and Products

The Alliance’s Preferred Purchasing Program offers a host of Products and Services for you to choose from. We have contracts ranging from cleaning services and food delivery to data entry and mail handling.


Dry Cleaning

Contract Award: 03PSX0379
Award Period: 04/08/04 – 09/30/2028

Food Delivery

Contract Award: Per Contract Proposal

Custodial Services

The Alliance has multiple contract awards to provide Custodial Services to State of Connecticut Agencies. These awards may be found on the Department of Administrative Services Website.

Custodial Services vary by contract but may include:
Day Services
Day Services are especially valuable in high traffic, public offices. The Alliance can arrange for a custodian to work during office operation. A custodian will keep up with such things as trash removal, mopping, dustings, and other daily reoccurring jobs.

Custodian duties as assigned by the supervisor and include tasks such as:
• Sweeping, Dusting, Mopping, Vacuuming
• Removing trash and recyclables
• Cleaning Offices
• Scrubbing and cleaning floors by machine
• Doing odd jobs
• Cleaning up cafeterias
• Doing other related light custodial duties as requested
• Performing light lifting or moving

Pricing for Day Services varies by location. If desired The Alliance can arrange for your office to select from several qualified custodian candidates.

Night Services
Since 1979, The Alliance has been contracting with rehabilitation and behavioral health organizations to provide janitorial services throughout Connecticut to government agencies. Custodial services are our largest and most frequently purchased state use service.
The Alliance can customize custodial services to meet your agency’s specific needs. We work day or night, weekday, or weekend. Quality assurance is important and we are always available to assist in resolving any problems that may arise.

Custodial services include:
• Routine Maintenance
• Carpet Shampooing
• Upholstery Shampooing
• Tile Floor Care
• Trash Removal
• Recycling
• Windows
• Project Work

Pricing for custodial contracts is developed for each location using agency specifications, industry standards, and fair market formulas developed in conjunction with the Department of Administrative Services, Procurement Services.

Data Entry

Contract Award: 13PSX0326


Contract Award: Per Contract Proposal
Rehabilitation and behavioral health organizations can put mobile crews on the road quickly to take care of one time project cleanups or to keep building grounds neat and clean all year round.

The Alliance has multiple contract awards to provide Custodial Services to State of Connecticut Agencies. These awards may be found on the Department of Administrative Website.

Services vary by contract but may include:
Lawn Services
• Mowing
• Fertilization
• Watering
• Landscaping
• Trimming
• Cleaning Debris
• Sweeping
• Spring and Fall Cleanup

Mail Handling

Contract Award: Per Contract Proposal

Mail Services Include
• Labeling
○ Printing
○ Pressure Sensitive
○ Cheshire
• Collating
• Folding
• Addressing/Bar Coding
• Data base file conversion
• Electronic File Transfer
• Inserting
• Sealing
• Zip Sort
• Database record duplication
• Bulk Mail Preparation
• Delivery
• Material Storage

Mats & Mops Rental

Contract Award: 02PSX0148 Award Period: 07/01/02 – 09/30/2028

The Alliance offers a mats and mops rental contract to assist state agencies, higher education and municipalities maintain the highest level of floor care.

The Alliance’s mats assist in keeping floors dry and help to prevent slips, trips, and falls. The mats have the added benefit of keeping floors dirt free which helps reduce maintenance. The mats come in various sizes and colors.

The most effective way to keep your floors clean is to use treated mop heads. Mop heads come in several sizes. One mop handle is issued with every five mop heads. (We recommend that the customer allow funds for extra handles on their purchase orders to eliminate the issue of intermittent POs for a small purchase.)

Pick-up and delivery are normally every two weeks.
To Order: State agency and Higher Education should use CORE-CT purchasing system.

Temporary Services

Contract Award: 14PSX0215
Temporary Services Positions through the The Alliance Preferred Purchasing Program

Clerical Positions
• Administrative Assistant
• Clerk
• Clerk Typist
• Data Entry Operator
• Executive Secretary
• Office Assistant
• Secretary
Financial Positions
• A/P or A/R Clerk
• Financial Analyst
• Legal Position
• Paraprofessional
Technical Positions
• Maintainer I • Maintainer II

To Order: State agency and Higher Education should use CORE-CT purchasing system.

Uniform Rental

Contract Award: 02PSX0256

THE ALLIANCE offers rental and cleaning of service uniforms and related service linens.

The items offered are all top quality. Uniformed employees are fitted with garments to ensure comfort and good appearance. The clothes are cleaned using safe detergents and are finished with a crisp look.
Repairs are made before the garment is returned and replacements are done automatically.

Pricing for items are net, including pick-up and delivery to each agency location and includes the rental and cleaning of the items listed below:
• All garments have a one-time charge for service/bar code
(includes shirts, pants, jackets and coats)
• Emblem charge assumes two emblems per garment
(e.g. name and logo)

Delivery will be made directly to the areas specified by the agency on the purchase order. This includes picking up dirty items and replacing them with clean items. A contact name, telephone number, and operational manual will be provided for each location.

To Order: State agency and Higher Education should use CORE-CT purchasing system.


Remanufactured Laser Printer Toner Cartridges
Contract Award: 12PSX0184
THE ALLIANCE Cartridge Price List

Drug Testing Kits & Services
Contract Award: 12PSX0376
Drug Testing Kits & Services Catalog

Food Spices / Coffee
Contract Award: 09PSX0330

Disposable Medical Examination Gloves
Contract Award: 13PSX0089

To Order

State agency and higher education entities seeking to purchase products or services should use CORE-CT purchasing system.

Municipal purchase orders should be made and sent to:
CT Community Nonprofit Alliance
35 Cold Springs Road, Suite 522
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Fax: 860-257-7777

Purchase Orders

It is important to us for our customers to be satisfied with the products and services we deliver. Check all products upon delivery to make sure they correspond to your order. Please contact us immediately if our products or services do not meet your agency’s specifications.

Making a Purchase
When making a purchase, specify the billing address, delivery address, name and phone number of the purchaser writing the order.

Quantities, sizes, colors, time period, or other requirements should be noted where applicable. Check the catalog for each product or service for any special ordering requirements.

You can send a purchase order out to:
CT Community Nonprofit Alliance
35 Cold Spring Road, Suite 522
Rocky Hill, CT 06067-6165
FEIN #06-0998831
THE ALLIANCE Vendor #0000010004

The Alliance will invoice agencies off the purchase order. Payments should be made to THE ALLIANCE by check. Payment terms for state purchase orders are net 45 days unless otherwise specified.

We are continually updating the Products and Services we offer. This catalog is directed to state agency and political subdivision purchasers looking purchase products or services under CT General Statute Section 17b-656.