Statement from Gian-Carl Casa, President and CEO of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, on the recommended FY18/19 budgets released by Democrats and Republicans today:

May 16, 2017
Contact: Patty McQueen 860-985-3533

“In a very difficult budget year, one of the toughest problems we face is how to provide necessary human services with the money that’s available. The proposals by legislators and the Governor all approach this dilemma differently, but all include cuts that will hurt people in need.

“We appreciate that each proposal embraces, in different ways, structural change that would shift human service programs now provided by the state into the more cost-effective community nonprofit sector.

“It’s not a new concept; nearly 80 percent of all services are already provided safely by nonprofits. We know how to provide high quality, essential care for some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens at a lower cost to taxpayers. It only makes sense in these extraordinarily difficult budget times to embrace fundamental change.”