Community Nonprofits Will Struggle to Keep Doors Open Without State Budget on July 1

Human service programs for half-million individuals across the state will be in jeopardy

(Hartford, CT) — A study released today by the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance today of member contingency plans if the Legislature is unable to approve a budget by the start of the fiscal year shows community nonprofits expect delays and reductions in payments, and will lay off staff and reduce programs to address the shortfall.

The survey — detailed in the document attached — shows if the stalemate continues, there will be immediate impact on July 1 on programs that serve a half-million individuals through services including mental health and substance abuse treatment, group homes and support services for individuals with developmental disabilities, domestic violence and homeless shelters.

“Individuals rely on vital community-based services every day, and those needs won’t change on July 1. Our members are struggling with how to keep doors open with reduced, or no funding, and how that will directly impact clients,” Gian-Carl Casa, President and CEO of The Alliance said. “Make no mistake, this will be a crisis.”

Casa said The Alliance plans to stay in daily contact with members in the coming weeks, to provide advocacy and other support services as the budget stalemate continues.

The full survey is attached here: