August 9, 2018
By Tom Condon

The task for caring for society’s most vulnerable citizens was first taken on by churches, then by towns, and now primarily by the state.

Folks like Patrick J. “Pat” Johnson Jr., former head of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Hartford and Oak Hill, Inc., believes that is as it should be.

It is the responsibility of a civil society to care for its most vulnerable citizens, says Johnson, but he is dismayed by cuts to the nonprofits that perform the lion’s share of the work, causing many of them to cut programs and jobs

“The state is backing away from its fundamental responsibility to care for the needy,” Johnson said.

As CT Mirror has reported, the state has cut or flatlined funding to nonprofits over the past dozen years, which Johnson characterized as balancing the budget on the backs of our neediest residents.

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