May 29, 2019
By: Keith Phaneuf

With Connecticut’s coffers flush with cash for the first time in a decade, long-suffering nonprofit social services want a share of the wealth.

The CT Community Nonprofit Alliance recently wrote to Gov. Ned Lamont, asking that he and lawmakers set aside $100 million to assist those who provide the bulk of state-sponsored social services.

But despite the rosy outlook for the rainy day fund, Connecticut still has tens of billions of dollars in pension and bonded debt that dwarf its budget reserve. And Lamont and the legislature still face more than $3 billion in projected deficits in the next two-year budget cycle.

“Simply put: community nonprofits have taken the hit when budget times were bad,” wrote Gian-Carl Casa, president and CEO of the alliance, which provides services to more than a half-million people. “It is important that the people they serve benefit as the budget improves. “

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