Another view: Nonprofit that helps disabled facing ‘devastating’ state cuts
By Benjamin Davies | February 13, 2017

“MIDDLETOWN — Once again, Connecticut’s nonprofits are at the mercy of the state budget. One reason is that policy makers do not understand the importance of human services and why they are essential in our (and their) communities. Human services are often perceived as charity for people who have not taken advantage of their opportunities, not worked hard enough and made poor decisions. It is believed that it’s their own “fault” that they need help. These assumptions are flat-out wrong.

MARC Community Resources provides vital resources, programs and services to adults with a variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities in Middlesex County. Through day and vocational programs, residential services, adult recreation, self-advocacy and community outreach, MARC serves more than 200 individuals on a regular basis. MARC gives people hope, purpose and the help they need.”

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