For some obscure reason, even as the infection and death rates are on the upswing across the United States, bringing with them a dim view of the immediate economic prospects for the many, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont (D) has decided that if your nonprofit has received a PPP loan, then it should not be eligible for any other COVID-19 relief funds.

And, oddly, this is the second time in less than a year that Lamont has inexplicably decided that making life difficult for the state’s nonprofits is a good idea.

“The state has decided that providers that received PPP loans may not receive CRF [Coronavirus Relief Funds],” Scott McWilliams, chief fiscal officer, wrote. “Therefore, DDS [Department of Development Services] will ask providers to report how much they have received in PPP loans and will recoup CRF payments from any provider that received PPP.”

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