April 12, 2019
by Gian-Carl Casa

Tucked into a large bill concerning local revenues is a proposal that would allow municipalities to assess a tax – this time called a “municipal public safety and infrastructure benefit charge” – on nonprofits of all types.

Section 6 of HB 7408 specifies a formula for determining the tax, which would apply to nonprofits that own real or personal property – pretty much all of them.

By whatever name is used, assessments on Connecticut’s nonprofits makes us all poorer. They take money away from the services nonprofits provide – away from things like homeless shelters, residences for people with disabilities, substance abuse treatment centers and arts and cultural institutions.

In the face of increased demand for services, years of state budget cuts and lower levels of donations due to federal tax changes nonprofits, nonprofits would also have to worry about being taxed by their local governments.

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