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Preferred Purchasing Program

The Alliance is proud to manage the Preferred Purchasing Program, creating meaningful employment opportunities and reliable wages for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities by developing contracts between state agencies and community rehabilitation providers under the Preferred Purchasing law.

The program connects state agencies in need of contracted services and products with community providers who are committed to providing employment opportunities and training for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. For the individuals who receive the benefits of participation, they experience increased independence and an enhanced quality of life.

Over the past 40 years, the Preferred Purchasing Program has employed thousands of individuals with disabilities in Connecticut. In 2019 alone, the program held over 130 state contracts that employed more than 700 workers with disabilities who earned nearly $2 million in wages. Individuals with disabilities are provided with employment, vocational training, work hours and wages in a variety of settings such as janitorial services, dry cleaning, temporary services, and landscaping, among others. Not only does the program provide meaningful employment opportunities, but also creates an economic benefit to the State by decreasing the cost of entitlement programs and increasing state revenue through payroll taxes.

Qualified Partnership Program

Administered by The Alliance, the Qualified Partnership Program is designed to facilitate state contract awards between community rehabilitation providers and private contractors, offering economic incentives for contractors to create new integrated work opportunities for persons with disabilities. The overall mission of the of the Qualified Partnership program is to expand employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and/or economic disadvantages, providing employment security for workers on State of Connecticut service contracts.

In 2013, the Connecticut Qualified Partnership Pilot Program was created by Public Act 13-227 for janitorial services and was expanded through Public Act 14-188 to include other contract types at the discretion of the Commissioner of Administrative Services. If you would like more information on the Partnership opportunities, please contact the Alliance.

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