Implementer § 236 — CHCPE Co-Payment Reduction

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The bill reduces, from 4.5% to 3%, the required co-payments for participants in the state-funded portion of the Connecticut Homecare Program for the Elderly (CHCPE) as shown in the table below.

Table: CHCPE Participant Copayments Under Current Law and the Bill


Participant Category

Copayments Under Current Law

Copayments Under the Bill

Participants with income at or below 200% FPL* and Medicaid-ineligible

4.5% of care costs/month

3% of care costs/month

Participants with income greater than 200% FPL

4.5% of care costs/month and an applied income amount (calculated by subtracting certain personal needs allowances from their gross income)

3% of care costs/month and the applied income amount

Participants living in government-subsidized affordable housing programs

An applied income copay if income is greater than 200% FPL

No change

*In 2022, 200% of the FPL is $27,180 for an individual and $36,620 for a family of two

CHCPE is a Medicaid-waiver and state-funded program that provides a range of home- and community-based services for eligible people age 65 or older who are at risk of inappropriate institutionalization (e.g., nursing home placement). In comparison to the Medicaid-waiver component, the program’s state-funded portion has no income limit and has higher asset limits. The state has authority to limit program enrollment or make wait lists based on available resources.