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Peer-to-Peer Learning and Networking

Join fellow nonprofit professionals to share new ideas, perspectives, examine sector-wide issues, and discuss topics, issues and solutions to your most pressing concerns.

Roundtables allow for professional networking opportunities, information sharing and peer-to-peer learning. Members share their own perspectives, opinions and experiences to the topic at hand, learning from one another through a facilitated roundtable conversation. We are often joined by experts from the field to discuss trending topics.

Divisions and Forums

Professional Development and Training

Annual Conference


CFO Roundtable

This Roundtable is attended by nonprofit CFOs, Finance Directors or their designees. Members of the forum discuss key issues of concern and share information relevant to CFOs, such as electronic health records, rates, and employee health benefits, financial operations and regulatory changes

HR Roundtable

The HR Roundtable consists of nonprofit senior HR professionals who come together to discuss a set topic within the HR spectrum, engage in peer-to-peer learning and information sharing. Topics of discussion are initially suggested by the members and typically cover areas of interest to HR directors.

Legal/Corporate Compliance Roundtable

Join fellow nonprofit professionals responsible for ensuring corporate compliance in their organization to discuss trends and issues related to compliance such as Medicaid audits, HIPAA compliance, communication policies, and more.

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