Statement from Gian- Carl Casa, President & CEO of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, on the budgets proposed on April 20.

Contact: Patty McQueen 860-985-3533

“We appreciate that both the Democratic and Republican budget would restore some of the funding to community providers that had been cut in past years, although they do so in different ways. The Democratic budget includes a long-awaited cost-of-living increase for private providers, while the Republican budget would continue to move services from the higher-cost state system to the more efficient, high-quality nonprofit system.

“Community nonprofits have endured years of budget cuts that directly impact services for people we serve. The state’s improved revenue picture is an opportunity to reverse that trend. We continue to urge lawmakers to support conversion of state services to community-based services in a final budget agreement. The structural change brought by conversions will generate long-term savings that can be reinvested in services.”