“As proposed, this federal budget is an unprecedented shift of responsibility for the needy from the federal government to the State, making it all the more imperative that Connecticut find less expensive ways to deliver quality human services. Increasing reliance on community-based nonprofits does that.

“The federal budget proposal would reduce or eliminate support for vulnerable people — cutting funds for after school and summer enrichment programs for students, meals-on-wheels for the elderly, low income energy assistance for families, legal aid, the arts, housing supports for low-income homeowners and renters and more.

“These come in addition cuts to Medicaid in the proposed health care act, which would force Connecticut to take on hundreds of millions of dollars in new costs or severely limit or end programs for thousands of individuals including health care, mental health and substance abuse treatment and support for individuals with developmental disabilities.

“The Alliance has proposed shifting some state human services into the nonprofit community at an estimated savings of as much as $1.3 billion over five years, a move that would protect and enhance community-based services.
“The choice for policymakers is clear. Continue the status quo, where fewer people receive vital services or change the way we do business and stretch every dollar to support as many individuals as possible.

“Leaving people without vital, life sustaining services may be the new normal for the federal government. But Connecticut has a long, bipartisan tradition of caring for people. Moving services into the nonprofit sector is a cost-effective solution legislators from both parties can support. Quality services at lower cost is better for everyone.”