Statement from Gian Carl Casa, President & CEO of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, on the proposed FY25 budget being considered today by the General Assembly’s Appropriations Committee.

“It is beyond disappointing and defies understanding that with a current-year surplus of more than $3 billion, the budget being considered by the Appropriations Committee does not include a meaningful and much-needed funding increase for services provided by Connecticut’s community nonprofits. 

“With inflation at 6.5 percent, a 1 percent increase is essentially a 5.5 percent cut for nonprofit programs, including behavioral and developmental health, housing, community justice and other services on which thousands of human beings across Connecticut depend.  

“First the Governor’s budget, and now the Appropriations Committee have effectively called for a cut in services for people with addiction needs, for those with intellectual disabilities, for people who need shelter, for children and adults with behavioral health needs, for people coming home to make new lives after incarceration, and for many more vulnerable Connecticut residents. 

“Who will tell the men, women and kids who need these services that despite the state having billions of dollars in surplus, there isn’t enough for them? Who will tell the dedicated and under-paid nonprofit staff? Who gets to tell them other choices have been made?   

“We understand the policy constraints under which the Committee has been working and appreciate their hard work. But make no mistake: those policy constraints were choices. Different ones need to be made. Different priorities need to be set.  The state’s fiscal health is extraordinarily good. It’s budget should be, too. 

“We hope the committee will adopt different priorities today and provide the necessary increases to community nonprofits. Together we can make the budget a statement of Connecticut’s true priorities. If not now, when?”

Contact: Patty McQueen 860-985-3533