Statement from Gian Carl Casa, President & CEO of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, on final agreements on the FY23 biennial budget.  

“On behalf of all of the state’s nonprofit community providers, and especially the providers of mental health and addiction services, we thank legislative leaders, Governor Lamont and members of the General Assembly from both parties who supported significant increases in funding in the biennial budget being finalized this week.  

“They heard the concerns of community nonprofits around the state and they responded in last week’s budget.  This week they recognized they had largely left providers of behavioral health out of the mix. Once again, they listened and responded with $60 million in additional funding over the biennium for adult and children’s mental health addiction services.

“After more than a decade of underfunding and advocacy, Connecticut nonprofits have been run ragged during the pandemic, going above and beyond to continue to provide vital services. This year,  many officials, but most prominently Sen. Cathy Osten and Rep. Toni Walker, joined our call for a long term investment to restore $461 million in lost funding. Through their leadership, more than $280 million in state and federal funding will come to community nonprofit programs over the biennium and begin to address chronic underfunding.  

“Connecticut’s nonprofits, who contract with the state to provide residential and day services for people with developmental disabilities, mental health and addiction treatment, homeless and domestic violence shelters, services to help people re-enter the community from prison, and other programs, are the state’s safety net. We will continue to advocate for a long term commitment to addressing underfunding. Today, we are grateful for the legislature’s support and the Governor’s agreement.”