Statement from Gian Carl Casa, President & CEO of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, on Governor Lamont’s budget proposal:

“Connecticut’s community nonprofits have been underfunded for more than a decade, and now face new financial challenges providing frontline health services in a pandemic. They will not survive without a major increase in funding. The Governor’s proposed budget largely level funds nonprofits, but it also includes cuts to a critical program within the Department of Children and Families.  

“The need for nonprofit community services have skyrocketed as families and individuals across the state cope with unemployment, food insecurity and the stresses on mental and physical health during the pandemic. Providers are struggling to continue to deliver services while keeping staff and clients safe. People need help now.

“Connecticut’s surplus account is at an historic high of more than $3 billion and there are $500 million in unspent Medicaid funds.  We urge the Governor to join the co-chairs of the Appropriations Committee and support a multi-year plan to restore $461 million in lost funding to nonprofits and preserve the safety net that provides services for the state’s neediest residents.”