Statement from Gian Carl Casa, President & CEO of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, on the proposed biennial budget on track for approval by the General Assembly: 

“The biennial budget on track for approval by the General Assembly includes about $210 million in new funding for community nonprofits, a significant increase that will begin to address more than a decade of underfunding of services for some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens. The budget does not include language reflecting a seven-year-plan championed by the co-chairs of the Appropriations Committee.  

“We are particularly thankful to Senator Cathy Osten and Representative Toni Walker, who championed a long-term commitment to restore $461 million in lost funding to community nonprofits. We hope that language will be included in the final budget documents. 

“We await more detail on how the funding increases will be allocated and if there will be sufficient flexibility to respond to ongoing fiscal pressures, but we are grateful for the unprecedented support that community nonprofits have received from the General Assembly for the biennium.”