Statement from Gian-Carl Casa, President & CEO of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, on today’s furlough at nonprofit agencies that contract with the state:

July 26, 2017
Contact: Patty McQueen 860-985-3533

“Today’s mandated furlough at community nonprofits that work with people with developmental disabilities should give every resident of Connecticut pause. Closing the doors of agencies that provide vital services is today’s pain, but the longer this goes on the more people will be hurt, including those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues, coping with domestic violence, homelessness or making a transition from prison into their communities.

“Let’s be clear: if the legislature and the governor cannot soon agree on a spending plan, or they approve a plan with significant cuts to community programs, these single-day closings could become permanent, and the people who depend on them may be permanently without help.

“The needs of half a million people who use community based services every year will not go away just because the offices aren’t open. On their behalf, we continue to urge all parties to reach a budget agreement that will support nonprofit community providers.”