New Britain Herald
March 20, 2017

New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart recently sent a letter to more than 30 nonprofits, asking them to contribute to the city a portion of what their property taxes would be if these organizations were taxable entities. She cited the support they receive from the city, including police and fire protection, as well as public works.

But what about the benefit these organizations bring to the city — in Stewart’s own words, “critical support to those in need.”

The Klingberg Family Centers, for example, provide services to families who have children with emotional, behavioral and/or educations problems. Other organizations offer shelter for the homeless, childcare, recreational opportunities for children and families, and literacy assistance — and that just scratches the surface.

These charitable organizations do donate to the city — their time, their hard work, their knowledge. They give to the city’s families, to the elderly and, in places like the Y and the Boys and Girls Club, they change lives and care for young people, ‘one child at a time.’

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