Welcome to the Alliance Member Portal

We are excited to introduce The Alliance Member Portal, built specifically with members in mind! The Portal is your place to access all member-only benefits and quickly access member-only discounts. Listed here are a few of the items we have moved to the poral to provide you with a better member experience. On this page you will also find a brief introduction to the portal and how to troubleshoot access issues, and a dedicated support form to give you direct access to support for getting into your Member Portal Account


Access to timely budget analyses, legislative updates, fact sheets, talking points, policy research, and more.

Reports and publications

Access exclusive Alliance white papers, briefs, issue reports and more.

DISCOUNTS on Products and services

Access discounts to the Jobs Board, GrantStation, meeting and conference space, and more.


Members save on all Professional Development and Training opportunities offered through The Alliance


Access a wide variety of on-demand capacity building opportunities, including trainings and roundtables, tuition discounts with academic partnerships and more.


Access exclusive resources and information from our Alliance Allies to help you grow and do business.

Getting Access to Your Account

You were sent an email from our online portal providing you with an access link and request that you reset your password.  If you do not see this email, please make sure to check your spam folders or if your organization uses a spam quarantine system it could be picked up by those filters. Please see image of what the email will look like.

Access to Your Account

You were sent an email from our online portal. if you have received the email and have verified your account but you are not sure where to login you can do so by clicking the login button on this page. 

Trouble Accessing Your Account

You were sent an email from our online portal. If you were able to verify your account and were able to access the email that we sent to verify your account but have forgotten your login info. You can reset your account login by clicking on the forgot pw or account info on the login page. See image for more detail. If you continue to have trouble access your account either because you cannot gain access to the system email that was sent to you or for some other reason please use the form on this page to request assistance. 

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