Statement from Gian-Carl Casa, President & CEO of CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, on news that the Office of Policy and Management is considering emergency budget cuts:

“We appreciate that the Governor is managing the state budget prudently, with an eye on the future. But we are greatly concerned that with a de facto $300 million surplus, that there is any discussion of emergency budget cuts. We urge Governor Lamont to reject proposals that would cut essential services.

“Connecticut residents rely on state-contracted, community-based nonprofits for a wide range of vital services, including substance abuse and mental health treatment, support and residential programs for people with developmental disabilities, homeless and domestic violence shelters, re-entry programs and more. Community programs are some of the most cost-effective state services and are already stretching limited state dollars to continue operating. Without these vital programs, the costs of care would only increase, for more expensive emergency treatment.

“Our friends, neighbors and family members saw their services reduced over the last decade, when budget times were bad. With the state’s revenues projected to remain stable in the coming years it is time for funding cuts to be restored and increased so community nonprofits can continue to provide vital programs that make our state a great place to do business and to live and raise a family.”